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  • WhatsApp *BETA* für BB10 Update v2.11.1317.2

    Hallo Community!

    Es gibt mal wieder ein neues Beta-Update des
    WhatsApp Messengers
    in der Version v2.11.1349.2 - zum Download in der Beta-Zone für euch.


    ◾Fixed several chats list multi-select bugs on 10.3.1
    ◾Fixed several cases where double-tapping on a photo or title bar could open another page twice
    ◾Fixed and issue where users couldn’t send contacts on 10.3.1
    ◾Fixed a bug where the chat screen wouldn’t show new messages if the last message was deleted
    ◾Fixed a bug where QR Code scanning would stop working if you minimized WhatsApp, opened the camera app, closed the camera app, and returned to WhatsApp while on the QR scanner screen
    ◾Fixed several navigation and focus issues specific to the trackpad navigation on the Classic.
    ◾Miscellaneous fixes and updates for voice calling (Bote: Voice calling is still in testing and may not be available to all users)

    Der Download läuft dann wie immer über die Beta-Zone-App:

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